Henrique Sousa

game designer

I'm a Game Designer and Developer, currently living and working in Barcelona.

I'm passionate about games and have been designing and developing my own projects since 2013, both independently and as a professional game designer.

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These are some of the skills that I've developed over time.

Game Design

Mechanics & Systems Design
Game Balancing
UI/UX Design

Technical skills



Affinity Designer
Microsoft Office
Google G Suite


These are some of the games that I've worked on, either independently or as a professional game designer.

Monster Legends

Battle with the ultimate monster fighting force to lead them to victory in Monster Legends! Breed, feed, raise and train Legendary monsters and turn them into beasts!


Elypt is an infinite runner game where you play as a small spaceship, escaping a huge Supernova. This game focuses on timing and makes the players use their reflexes to get as far as possible using the planets’ gravity fields.

Hipster Thief

Hipster Thief is an infinite runner where you try to evade the police while avoiding all vehicles and obstacles lying on the road. Along the way, you'll find power-ups that will help you reach as far as possible before being caught.

Zuper In Space

Zuper in Space is a pattern-matching game that focuses on language development for children and aims to become an essential tool for parents and professionals alike. While playing, children will develop their language skills and, at the same time, live an adventure alongside Zuper.

Match the Monsters

In Match the Monsters, you make your way through 160 levels across 8 different planets in a distant solar system. You must match all the monsters on the screen and help put a stop to their invasion!

Flappy Plane

One-button controls make this endless runner easy to learn but hard to master. Avoid all the obstacles and fly as far as you can. Collect coins along the way to purchase from a selection of new and unique planes!

Max Adventures

Pick your favourite character from the Max Adventures TV show and play against your friends in this unpredictable board game adventure. Each character has a unique dice, which one will you choose? Roll the dice and beat your opponents to the finish line!

Space Invasion

Stop the incoming alien invasion by shooting everything in sight.

Push It

This puzzle game will most definitely put your logic to the test. The goal is to push all the boxes onto the designated spaces. However, you can’t pull the boxes, only push them, making each level an extremely rewarding challenge!

Turma da Mônica - Padrões Malucos

In "Monica's Gang - Wacky Patterns", the player must repeat a sequence of increasingly difficult patterns and compete, either locally or through online leaderboards, for the top spot!

Transformers - Cybertron Defense

Play as Optimus Prime and help the Transformers stop the deadly Decepticon invasion and protect Cybertron!

Turma da Mônica - O Sonho de Magali

In "Monica's Gang - Magali's Dream", players control the iconic character Magali as she flies and floats through a dreamland filled with her favorite food: watermelon. But beware, the dreamland is also filled with vile and simply uninteresting objects that Magali must avoid. Help her have the best (and sweetest) dream possible!